Knysna Community Factsheet

Town established: 1871  (150 yrs in 2021 )

Projected population in 2020: ~ 92 000

Icons: loerie, forest elephants, oysters, rastas

Current economy: wholesale/retail trade, tourism, leisure service sector and retirement capital

Opportunities:  aquaculture, revived timber, R & D esp. desalination, Rasta sub-culture

Threats:  Geni Co-efficient / Sao Paolo Syndrome, potable water crisis

District GDP 2016: ~ R2700 million

Current average price of three-bed house:  R3.1 million (P24 2017)

Latest SAPS robbery stats: 946  (2014/15)

Distance from George Airport:  70kms

Distance from Mossel Bay Harbour:  85kms

Knysna Municipal Office tel: 044 302 6302

Tourism Info website :

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