As a vision, the Southern Cape Corridor is a geographic reference to an economic growth bloc stretching from Knysna in the east to Stilbaai in the west and all 25 towns, hamlets, cities, trading posts and settlements immediately adjacent to, and south of the N2.

Our development methodology is best captured by the term ‘the enterprise approach’.  We see the Southern Cape Corridor as a trading corridor with sustainable profit as the motive.  This is our fundamental and generative philosophy.

At this conceptual and formative stage of the Southern Cape Corridor, our intention is simple provocation and inspiration!  The objective must be the accurate assessment of whether sufficient positive energy can be built around the concept.

The proposed modus operandi of the website is that of strategic and progressive engagement.  By this we mean that content must at all times be strategic in nature, aimed to contribute to moving the project forward from concept to reality.  With this invitational and organic approach, we are confident of building a network of seriously engaged participants.

We see this cohort of participants as being the core from which the leaders of the Southern Cape Corridor will be drawn.  Integrated (holistic) thinking at the conceptual phase is vital.  To promote this, we would encourage all our readers and visitors to contribute to the Discussion Forum as this is our primary engagement interface.

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